Sumikko Gurashi 角落小夥伴(角落生物)

Sumikko Gurashi 角落小夥伴(角落生物)


“Sumikkogurashi” are the characters living a quiet and solitary life in the corner.
They might be able to settle down when they’re in the corners but they don’t like being in the center of the room.
When they’re taken to the center of the room, they always rush back to the corner.


Shirokuma(しろくま shirokuma)
Shirokuma is a shy bear who migrated south to avoid the cold.
Shirokuma feels most calm while drinking hot tea in a corner.


Penguin?(ぺんぎん? pengin?)
Am I even a penguin? Penguin has no confidence.
In the past, there might have been a plate on Penguin’s head...


Tonkatsu(とんかつ tonkatsu)
The end of a tonkatsu.
Made of 1% meat, 99% fat.
Left behind for being too oily...


Neko (ねこ neko)
Shy and timid, Neko usually hides in the corner.
Neko worries about its body shape.


Tokage(とかげ tokage)
Is actually the last of the dinosaurs.
It pretends to be a lizard to avoid being caught.
Slowly warming up to Nisetsumuri.


Furoshiki(ふろしき furoshiki)
Shirokuma’s luggage.
Used to claim corners and when Shirokuma is cold.


Zassou (ざっそう zassō)
A positive weed.
Admires florists and dreams of being made into a bouquet one day.


Ebifurai no Shippo (えびふらいのしっぽ ebifurai no shippo
Too hard to eat and left unfinished.
Ebifurai no Shippo and Tonkatsu are friends who understand each other very well.


Tapioca (たぴおか tapioca)
They are the leftovers in the cup as only milk tea was drunk up earlier.
I’m fed up with this”(Tapioca’s muttering)


Hokori(ほこり hokori)
A careless bunch that often piles up near corners.


Suzume(すずめ suzume
Just a regular sparrow.
Likes Tonkatsu very much and comes to peck at Tonkatsu.


Nisetsumuri(にせつむり nisetsumuri)
Is actually just a slug with a shell.
I'm sorry for tricking you…


Obake(おばけ obake)
Lives in one of the attic’s corners.
Stays quiet to prevent others from being scared.
I Enjoy cleaning.


Yama(やま yama)
A small mountain that looks up to Mt. Fuji.
Appears at hot springs and poses as Mt. Fuji.


Mogura(もぐら mogura)
Used to live in a corner underground.
Became curious about the commotion above ground and surfaced for the first time.
I Like red boots.

Fall in love with Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi Cafe in Japan!

History and products
San-X released the first Sumikko Gurashi products in September 2012, which included stationery and plush toys.A variety of merchandise followed, such as clothing, kitchenware and bags. The Sumikko Gurashi Collection is a series of plush items, consisting of palm sized plush dolls and plush dollhouses, furniture, outfits etc. in size for the dolls. As of 2018 it includes over 300 different items. 

Sumikko Gurashi is also promoted in Taiwan, and is known as Jiǎoluò Xiǎohuǒbàn (角落小夥伴, lit. “Little Corner Partners”) or Jiǎoluò shēngwù (角落生物, lit. “Corner Creatures”) in Chinese. 

For the 7th anniversary in 2019 an anime film was released, called Sumikko Gurashi The Movie - The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child (映画すみっコぐらし とびだす絵本とひみつのコ, Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Tobidasu Ehon to Himitsu no Ko). The film was produced by the studio Fanworks (ja:ファンワークス) who previously made the Aggretsuko series. It was directed by Mankyū, with the script written by Takashi Sumita and Kaori Hino was the art director.

Targeting Japanese people with an affinity for “corners”, such as the corner seat of a café or the corner of a room, the characters are anthropomorphised animals and food items. The characters are split into “Sumikko" the main characters, and “Minikko” the smaller side characters. The main characters have common traits: they have a slightly negative personality, they are castaways in everyday life, and they feel most relaxed when they are near a corner. In contrast, some of the Minikko characters have a more positive outlook, like Zassou, the weed with big dreams.

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