About Logistics Manage

About Logistics Manage

How to arrange Delivery?

1. Consolidate fees
Consolidate freely within 10 parcels.
There will be charge for additional parcels over 10 parcels, and 100 Yen/each parcel

2. Japan's export Customs clearance entrustment fee (3800 Yen)
Consolidate parcel or a Single product with a value of more than 200,000 yen, will accrued an additional Japan Customs declaration fee of 3,800 yen is required.

3. Japan Warehouse Rent: Free for 30 days.

Member should arrange shipment within 30 days after items arrive to HOYOYO. After 30 days, HOYOYO will charge each parcel JPY 50 per day.

Packages stored at the warehouse will only be kept for 3 months(starting from the date of arrival). Overdue packages will be discarded directly.

Transport restrictions

* Total weight can not over 30kg each time

* Maximun length1.5m or less

* If (Length+Width+Height) > 3 meter,you can not use this shipping service.

How to contact online customer service?