Orders from Mercari Japan may enjoy International Shipping fees up to 1500Yen off

July Exclusive Event (Orders from Mercari Japan may enjoy International Shipping fees up to 1500Yen off)

1) Event details: 2020/7/15 00: 00 ~ 2020/7/31 23: 59

(Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia time)

Orders from Mercari Japan may enjoy International Shipping fees up to 1500Yen off.

Example: The logistics order which includes 1 Mercari Japan purchase order, you may enjoy 100 yen deduction from International Shipping fees.

The logistics order which includes 2 Mercari Japan purchase orders, you may enjoy 200Yen off from International Shipping fees.

The logistics order which includes 3 Mercari Japan purchase orders, you may enjoy 300Yen off from International Shipping fees.

......and onwards

When logistics orders include 16 or above Mercari Japan purchases, you will only get the max 1500Yen deduction from International Shipping fee.

(Single International logistics order can be reduced the max 1500Yen, and the same seller with multiple orders will be counted as one purchase order only)

Event Coverage Site : HK, WD, MY, SG

-This event is based on the payment time of the purchase order, and all unpaid / pending orders will not be counted in the promotional activities.

-As long as the logistics order includes the Mercari Japan item, you can immediately enjoy all the shipping methods (number of Mercari Japan orders) *100Yen international shipping discount.

-In case of any disputes, the content of the website (Chinese) shall prevail.

The discount time is limited, please take the time to place an order for the Mercari Japan and enjoy our shipping discount this time!

(Member discounts cannot be combined)
Please contact Facebook customer service for discounts

The preferential rules:

-The discount period is limited, corresponding events correspond to discount rates.

-Offers attract customers to reuse.

-Customers must place an order at the Mercari Japan(sg.hoyoyo.com/mercari) at the designated time to issue the payment party's eligible coupons.

-Anyone who participates in this activity plan means that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this promotion plan.

-The goods purchased  are ordered by the members themselves through the Internet on the designated website of the foreign website. HOYOYO is purely an intermediary between the member and the seller of the foreign website, Hoyoyo are not the products produced, manufactured, agent and imported by HOYOYO and then resold to members.

-Cannot be cancelled after starting purchasing/ordering.

-Coupons cannot be shared with member-level offers.

-Hoyoyo shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or misunderstandings in the content contained on this website.


1.If the event cannot be executed due to special reasons for force majeure , the organizer reserves the right to cancel , terminate , modify or suspend the activity .

2. This event offer will not be able to combine with other coupons.

3. Anyone who participates in this event shall comply with the organizer's activities , terms of service , usage rules and other regulations related to any transactions, and if there are any violations , participants will automatically lose the qualification to participate , and if it is any winner , the winning qualification will be cancelled.

4. Regarding prohibited items restrictions on air/sea shipping , please read the relevant restrictions and regulation before purchasing. For detail , please refer >> Prohibited items

5. Members may not be able to enjoy the discount if the following issue occurs when filling up the auction/purchase form such as wrong amount, data error , out of stock etc.

6. After purchase , if you require replacement or cancellation due to a defective item , you will not be able to enjoy the discount from the original order.

7. Insufficient prepayment , ticket product , bargain cases , pre-order goods , cash on delivery, etc. do not enjoy this offer.

8. Limited time offers for specific websites only.

9. If there is any delay, loss , error sent or registered by participants due to computers, internet which are not caused by our company. We do not assume any legal responsibility and participants may not object to this.

10.  If any member maliciously cancels the order will be disqualified from this event.

HOYOYO wishes you a happy shopping~