Covid-19 pandemic can't travel to Japan now?

Can I buy Japanese products as we can't travel to Japan now?

It is not possible to travel abroad during this Covid-19 pandemic, but there are some daily necessities that are generally purchased in Japan that are going to run out.

What else to do? Any way to get it?

What are Japan Proxy Services?

Proxy services means shopping using a third-party platform to purchase an item on your behalf. If we can buy the item you request and ship it to you, we will handle your order and help you obtain the product you and after.

In other words, we help you purchase an item that you can't buy by yourself and we ship it to you. It's just that simple!

Is it really worth using Japan Proxy services to purchase Japanese products?

It may be necessary to use the purchasing service for various reasons. Is it really worth it? Think about it, if you have been unable to find the goods you want while traveling in Japan, or products you look for were out of stock, now the Japan Proxy services might help you at this time. The Japan Proxy services in scenarios can get you another path to search what you’ve been looking for, and it will generally not disappoint you!

Why use Japan Proxy Services?
It is almost impossible to buy Japanese products when you are not living in Japan. This has a lot of explanations for different reasons.

Most of the Japan platform is only reserved for people living in Japan. Thus, expects all sellers and buyers to reside in Japan only. Normally a Japanese website will ask  for your Nippon address and payment method. Without this information, you will not be able to trade on it.

Sellers in Japan are all located in Japan. Indeed, the majority of sellers are individuals selling. Between, International shipment fees and embargo items is hard to estimate. Moreover, it is difficult for the seller to calculate the costs. That's one of the reasons why they don't sell their items to other foreign countries.

Last, actually most Japanese sellers do not speak English. You may need to communicate with sellers in Japanese. In Japan this is an important part to discret either seal the deal. Seller will rating the buyer, is really important this will affect your next order.

For all these reasons, it's always easier to use a third-party proxy online shopping service to buy on a Japanese website. HOYOYO is the easiest way for you to buy from Japan. All you need to do is search your products from HOYOYO or directly from the Japanese website, place your order from HOYOYO website, then our buyer will contact proceed your order with the seller and the final step is we help you to ship worldwide. Forgot to say if you feel to reduce price or some question to ask the seller can just easily drop us a message.



Can a customer special request for negotiation on price or others request?
Of course YES! HOYOYO provides these services for FREE. You can leave a remark when you check out your orders. If we succeed in communicating with sellers to reduce the price that customers offer HOYOYO will only charge the final price we paid. For others questions that customer requests will be  handled by our purchaser teams too. However, if the seller rejects the negotiation HOYOYO will email to inform the customer. Additionally, after you place an order with a remark you can also contact us at HOYOYO Messenger provide us Goods code to double confirm with us and speed up your order.




How to translate Japanese website to other’s Language?
Most Japanese websites are only displayed in Japanese. Actually there was a  trick that can translate and display whole pages in the language you would like. Is a  simple step to work on it, just installing Google Translate will do. It can automatically translate all Japanese sites into the language that you prefer.



How to pay?
HOYOYO accepts PayPal and for some countries we have provided our own country bank transfer and payment gateways.

Feel free to message us for more inquiries~